The Popular Group demands the temporary collaboration of the FyCSE with the Mossos and the Urban Guard, as long as the necessary reinforcement of the same does not take place

The Popular Parliamentary Group has today demanded that the Government send a reinforcement of police and civil guards to Barcelona to face the security crisis that the city is experiencing, and that the police unions themselves are alerting.

In response to this situation of insecurity, the GPP has presented a Proposal no of Law for its debate in the Plenary, signed by the deputy for Barcelona and parliamentary spokesman, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, and the deputy for Orense and spokesman in the Commission of Interior, Ana Belén Vázquez, who asks the Government for a police reinforcement, through the temporary collaboration of the FyCSE with the Mossos and the Urban Guard, that immediately guarantees security in Barcelona.

To achieve this objective, the GPP claims to provide the Urban Guard with more personal and human resources and the necessary institutional support to guarantee the principle of authority, promote appropriate legal reforms to improve the response to multi-recidivism, and reinforce – in cooperation with the Autonomous Communities – crime prevention mechanisms, with very special attention to the problems that occur around residential childcare centers.

Since Ada Colau rules, crime rates have skyrocketed: an average of 20 crimes per hour, 365 thefts a day and 40 robberies with violence. In addition, there have been nine violent crimes in July and August, twelve murders so far this year, a figure that equals all the murders in Barcelona last year, and events have occurred that have affected diplomatic personnel, such as robbery with violence suffered by the ambassador of Afghanistan or that of a high official in South Korea.

Some facts that, for example, have led the US embassy to publish an alert notifying its citizens of the increase in violent crimes in Barcelona, ​​and that companies such as Amazon, MRW and SEUR do not deliver in certain areas of Barcelona.

Despite this “security crisis”, admitted by the deputy mayor of Security in Barcelona, ​​Albert Batlle, the mayor, Ada Colau only sees “punctual events, which demonstrates the internal inconsistency and banalization of the problem caused by the Barcelona City Council .

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