The GPP calls for Sánchez to appear in Congress to report on the latest European Council and new measures against the Coronavirus
Registered the two requests to appear in the Lower House

• Urges the Executive to rectify its actions regarding information control

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented a Proposal not of Law in the Congress in which it urges the Government to rectify its actions regarding the control of information, to fully ensure freedom of expression and the right to information, and also to " correct its limitations to transparency, all with the objective of guaranteeing full compliance with article 20 of the Constitution, the quality of our democracy and its condition of being one of the most advanced democracies in the world ”.

The initiative recalls that in recent weeks, taking advantage of the state of alarm, the Government has launched some actions that call into question that freedom of expression and, in addition, has at the same time limited the transparency of public institutions, closely linked to such freedom of expression.

The GPP recalls that Pedro Sánchez said in his investiture speech that the progressive coalition project was inextricably linked to freedom from the arbitrary intrusion of public institutions, while actions are now being taken to pursue what the president and vice president of the Government qualify as hoaxes that do not meet that objective because they are showing themselves precisely as "an arbitrary interference by public institutions in freedom of expression."

After exposing a series of examples that have caused alarm in society and in the media for the attempt to limit the aforementioned public liberties (such as that relating to instructions to the Civil Guard to minimize the climate contrary to crisis management by the Government), the GPP recalls that the Government has also placed limitations on transparency, annulling the Transparency Portal to avoid accountability, in breach of others of Sánchez's investiture commitments.

Proposition No. of Law in defense of freedom of expression and transparency is signed by the spokeswoman Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the deputy secretaries of PP Ana Beltrán and Cuca Gamarra, the deputy to the Secretary General Isabel Borrego, the deputy spokesmen of the GPP Pilar Marcos and Carlos Rojas and the deputies Adolfo Suárez, Edurne Uriarte, José Antonio Bermúdez de Castro, María Jesús Moro and Jaime Mateu.

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