La portavoz del GPP, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, en declaraciones a medios

It also asks that it support international actions against the mining plunder of the Orinoco and in defense of the indigenous population

– The Popular Group has registered two Propositions in Congress related to Venezuela. One demanding the Government to support Juan Guaidó and lead the defense of democratic elections in the country in the EU, and another to support international actions against the plundering of the Orinoco and in defense of the rights of the indigenous population.

The first of the Non-Law Propositions, signed by the GPP spokeswoman, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, and the deputies María Valentina Martínez Ferro and Belén Hoyo, urges the Government to recognize as soon as possible the legitimacy of the new Board of Directors of the Assembly National of Venezuela led by Juan Guaidó, as it condemns all unconstitutional maneuvers and violation of rights perpetrated by Maduro and his followers to prevent his re-election.

In addition, the Popular Group asks the Government to lead in the European Union the defense of the holding of democratic, free and transparent presidential elections in Venezuela, as well as the requirement to continue imposing individual sanctions on the senior officials of the Maduro regime and their families with blocking your accounts. Finally, the NLP urges the Executive to demand the international community to accompany the processes of reinstitutionalization and redemocratization in Venezuela, with Spain placed a prominent place in this demand.


The other Proposition, signed by Álvarez de Toledo and Martínez Ferro, focuses on asking the Government to join as many international actions as are taken to protect the Orinoco and its inhabitants from illegal and uncontrolled mining actions that are being carried out before inaction. from Maduro.

Also remember that the Venezuelan Government decreed in 2016 the Strategic Development Zone of the Orinoco Mining Arc, and that the voracity and lack of control of mining exploitation is causing serious environmental and social damage, with violations of various rights or the risk of women and girls of being trafficked, as well as the increase of diseases among the indigenous population.

For all these reasons, the PP considers that the Sánchez-Iglesias co-government should be urged to support the international actions that are carried out to stop the loss of biodiversity and restore the Orinoco ecosystems, in addition to requesting the High Commissioner of Nations United for Human Rights greater control of the impacts on the affected indigenous populations in mining areas, guaranteeing their fundamental rights.

Finally, it is highlighted that illegality or control by organizations of armed groups under the protection of Maduro hinder an intervention on the affected territory and facilitate smuggling, taking into account that there are strategic precious metals and minerals in the area, as well as Other high value materials.

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