• Requests the urgent convocation of the Table and Spokesmen of the RTVE Commission to set a date in May, after not holding control appearances since February

The Popular Parliamentary Group has gone one step further in its demand for compliance with legislative rules and the sole Administrator of RTVE, Rosa María Mateo, appears in the corresponding Mixed Commission this May, after the vetoes of the PSOE with its acquiescence has prevented him from fulfilling his parliamentary obligations since February.

In this case, the parliamentarians Macarena Montesinos, Sergio Ramos and Eduardo Carazo have sent a letter to the president of the Mixed Control Commission of
RTVE (of which they are part as vice president, secretary and GPP spokesperson in said Commission, respectively) in which they demand that the veto be lifted and a meeting be called already this May, in which Mateo answers the questions of the groups.

"Under the socialist umbrella Rosa María Mateo has been failing to appear since February and in the end it will be necessary to dictate a 'Wanted' against her, so that she does not continue to flee Parliament. The irregularity has acquired scandalous tints ”, stand out in the Popular Group.

In addition, they add that "it seems that the new normality in RTVE is not to face up and avoid the responsibilities of a disastrous management and submitted in an unprecedented and exclusive way to the partisan script of the Government."

The popular remember that every day the examples of bad practices and sectarianism that have placed RTVE in the last option of the citizens are crowded
to find out. "It is time to stop making fun of Parliament and give an account of its management. Neither in February, nor in March, nor in April have the control sessions of the Mixed Commission on RTVE been held. This anomaly cannot last a day more ”, they affirm.

The GPP recalls that this letter follows those sent to the Senate Table, so that the rejection agreements against the PP's claim, made for the purposes of possible legal actions that the signatories may initiate in defense of their rights as parliamentarians.

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