The guarantees of the Official Credit Institute have not just reached their recipients

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented an initiative in Congress that requires transparency in the destination of the guarantees of the ICO (Official Credit Institute), which was announced in March by the President of the Government, worth 200,000 million euros, to support to Spanish companies. These lines of guarantees were intended to be financial support for companies that suffer from the stoppage of activity caused by the confinement decreed to fight the Covid-19 pandemic.

The Government announced on March 24 a first line of guarantees for 20,000 million euros, with the commitment that half would go to SMEs. And a second line, of another 20,000 million euros, on April 10, which would go entirely to the self-employed and small companies. But these endorsements do not just reach their recipients.

For this reason, and for the sake of the necessary transparency in the use of public money, the GPP general secretary, Guillermo Mariscal, and the deputy spokespersons Pilar Marcos and Mario Garcés have registered the following question to the Government:

– When will the ICO website start publishing, on a weekly basis, the destination of the provisions of the granting of guarantees by COVID-19, by branches of activity and by destination province, as it already does with the lines of ordinary mediation?

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