The PP of Pablo Casado has created a new area secretariat against depopulation in its management structure: another example of our commitment to a problem ignored by the Government of Sánchez

The Popular Parliamentary Group has pledged to continue leading, together with civil society, the fight against the depopulation of rural Spain. He has held a meeting with the Spanish Association against Depopulation which was attended by the spokesperson for Territorial Policy of the GPP, César Sánchez, the deputy spokesman for the GPP's leadership, Carlos Rojas, the deputy for Albacete and secretary of Sustainability and Depopulation, Carmen Navarro, the deputy for Almería and the provincial policy secretary, Aureliano García, the parliamentarian for Teruel and the secretary of mobilization, Alberto Herrero Bono, the popular deputies for Ávila, Alicia García, for Soria, Tomás Cabezón, and for Zamora, Elvira Belasco, and the senator for Granada, Vicente Azpitarte.

The PP of Pablo Casado has created an area secretariat against depopulation in its management structure, which demonstrates its solid commitment to a serious problem that the Sanchez Executive ignores.

In addition, the PP was the first party to include depopulation in its political agenda. To this end, we have promoted support at European level and approved different cross-cutting regulations during the Rajoy Government.

In this sense, the GPP has shown its availability to continue with the work carried out by the previous Executive of the Popular Party, among which the arrival of broadband to all municipalities stands out for its impact on the guarantee of equal opportunities. from Spain.

This is one of the measures included in Proposal no of Law presented by the Popular Group this Legislature: it lists a series of proposals that, if approved, would address many of the causes of depopulation.

The GPP invites all Parliamentary Groups to support this initiative of the Popular Group and to join this struggle of civil society, which the Government of Pedro Sánchez has incomprehensibly left.

In its control function to the Executive, the GPP will register a battery of questions to the Government of Sanchez to explain the causes for which he has abandoned the measures left by the Popular Party Government in the previous Legislature.

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