Calls for "providing" urgently needed protection equipment to nursing homes and centers for people with disabilities and to professionals working in home care

The Popular Parliamentary Group today has urged the Government to give priority attention to the residential sector and to declare its professionals as essential service providers by virtue of a Proposition not of Law registered in Congress so that the needs of the residential sector are met, which concentrates the most vulnerable group against the Coronavirus.

Through this initiative – signed by the spokesperson for the Popular Parliamentary Group, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo, the PP deputy secretary Cuca Gamarra, the GPP deputy spokesperson, José Ignacio Echániz, the GPP health spokesperson, Elvira Velasco, and the spokesperson of Social Rights of the GPP, Alicía García-, the GPP also proposes to “guarantee the urgent supply to all centers, public and private, of necessary protection materials so that Social Services professionals are properly protected and to prevent the advancement of viruses among the elderly, people with disabilities and especially the most vulnerable. "

In this way, it proposes "to provide the greatest possible urgency to the residences of the elderly and people with disabilities" of the urgently needed material to guarantee the safety of workers and users, as well as "to guarantee the supply of protective material for workers that travel to every home. "

Likewise, the GPP calls for "supplying nursing homes with rapid test kits that allow all users and professionals to carry out the diagnostic test, especially when they show symptoms."

This initiative, which aims to ensure that professionals who care for the most vulnerable have urgently the necessary means to continue their work, also calls for "increasing coordination at the national level with the autonomous communities, local corporations, entities of a private nature and the third sector ”.

In the text of the initiative, the GPP expresses its appreciation to the professionals of the centers, telecare, home care service, geo-cultivators and all direct assistance personnel who are vital to guarantee the care of the elderly.


In addition to said Non-Law Proposition, the GPP has registered three requests for reports in Congress.

First, it has requested information on the number of tests carried out to diagnose the coronavirus, specifying the Autonomous Community, city and healthcare center. The number of tests carried out on health professionals, members of the State Security Corps and Forces and how many on civilian personnel are also requested.

Second, it claims to know the number of people infected, admitted and discharged, and people who died in Spain per day since the crisis began, discriminated by age, sex, autonomous community and province to which they belong.

Third, the number of centralized purchases of medical equipment made by the Government since the declaration of the state of alarm, on March 14, is also requested, specifying the material purchased and the material delivered to the Autonomous Communities.

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