It demands that the Executive does not veto the Autonomies the temporary suspension of the fiscal objectives that the EU allows Spain

The Popular Parliamentary Group has presented a Proposal not of Law in Congress in which it urges the Government to provide sufficient resources to the Autonomous Communities to face the health, social and economic crisis derived from the pandemic caused by COVID-19 .

To this end, the proposal calls on the Executive to urgently call the Fiscal and Financial Policy Council and to approve seven other initiatives, including that of returning the amounts pending payment to the Autonomous Communities as a result of the non-return of the liquidation of VAT of December 2017.

And also a demand, that “the temporary suspension of the fiscal objectives that the EU applies to the member states must be extended, as it cannot be otherwise, to the Autonomous Communities, so that they can account for this extra expense on the margin from their 2020 regular budgets. ”

The other measures are, first of all, to guarantee that the Reconstruction Fund for the Autonomous Communities, announced by the Government and budgeted at 16,000 million euros, allocates sufficient resources to each of them through a fair distribution system and equitable, to face the expenses derived from the pandemic in all its aspects, both health and economic, as well as to suspend the liquidation of the year 2020 of the Autonomous Financing System ”.

Next, it is demanded to speed up “to the maximum the distribution at the autonomous level of the funds that the European authorities have approved to help the countries affected by the pandemic, as well as to arbitrate a mechanism for the rapid execution of the structural funds that have been reprogrammed to mitigate the economic and social impact of COVID-19 and to guarantee an increase in the amount currently assigned to each autonomy, thus adding additional resources ”.

Furthermore, it is pointed out in the same point that “the new fiscal and monetary framework proposed by the European institutions represents an opportunity for the autonomous public debt to benefit from more advantageous conditions, without undermining compliance with the rules that ensure responsible management. and loyal of public finances ”.

Next, it is highlighted that if it were necessary, because the additional funds mentioned in the previous sections did not cover the needs derived from the pandemic, it would be necessary to urgently modify the rules of budgetary stability to exclude from the computation of deficit and debt all associated expenses to the fight against Covid-19, and authorizing the indebtedness necessary to meet these commitments. Here it is recalled that the measures of suspension of fiscal objectives that the EU applies to the member countries, the Spanish Government must extend them to the Autonomous Communities.

Said petitions would continue with the “to extend the terms of processing and payment of taxes as well as expediting the return of income (for example: returns of Value Added Tax corresponding to the year 2019 or earlier, and those corresponding to the months of January and February 2020 in the case of monthly refunds) seeking to improve the liquidity of citizens with all this.

Next, the Government is urged to develop effective coordination between the state and regional administrations of financial, budgetary and tax policies that help accelerate the EU 2030 Agenda and use the European Green Pact as a lever for investment for economic growth and employment.

Finally, the initiative, signed by the GPP spokesperson, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo; Deputy Spokesman Mario Garcés and the Deputy Secretaries of PP Antonio González Terol and Elvira Rodríguez, demand that the funds earmarked for active employment policies be reassigned again to the Autonomous Communities that, unexpectedly and unilaterally, the Government has withheld , so that it is guaranteed that it will not allocate resources that correspond to the Autonomous Communities to cover expenses ”.

In the explanatory statement it is stated that the Autonomies face the greatest health, social and economic challenge of our democracy, and that in the enormous effort to fight against the coronavirus they have been the first to implement measures but they have been alone “since the The Government of the Nation has been unable – despite several announcements – to provide them with sufficient additional resources so that “they can adequately attend not only to urgent actions, but all the measures that in the coming months must continue to be implemented. to guarantee the health and social and economic well-being of the Spanish who live in them ”.

It is also denounced that more than seven weeks after the state of alarm was decreed, the Government of the Nation had only made available to the Autonomous Communities some 625 million, when the announcement of the Executive in his day was to inject 14,000 million.

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