The great goal of lack of Ramos in his 300 victory in League with Real Madrid

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NEWS | 06/24/2020

"We know that all that remains are finals and we are going to go to death for the League," said the captain.

Sergio Ramos scored the second goal of the Real Madrid against Mallorca with a spectacular free kick. It was the best way to celebrate his 300th victory in League with Madrid. After the match, the captain said: “Soccer is a collective sport and I am glad when I win titles. At the individual level, statistics and personal achievement are highly motivating and also a source of pride. It is an award for many years of work and perseverance ”.

"We have to improve because it seems that some phases of the game have got stuck, but it helps us to recover and keep thinking about the next game. The team has noticed the fatigue of playing every three days and the recovery is what there is. We are working to continue improving and the objective was to add the three points to regain leadership. ”

Final stretch

"We know that all that remains are final and we will go to death for the League. We are looking forward to winning it to reward this effort due to the coronavirus disruption. We have had some very hard weeks of training and that is reflected. ”

We have had some very hard weeks of training and that is reflected.

"All the noise that is generated with the referees is because we are leaders. Before, when we weren't, there wasn't much talk. The VAR and the referees are there to help. Sometimes it can benefit us and sometimes not, like all teams. We must leave that noise that is being generated because it seems that we have to thank the referees for being leaders. The team comes from working very well and this is the result ”.

Fourth Real Madrid player with the most league wins
Ramos disputes his fifteenth season as a Real Madrid player and is the fourth player in the club's history to reach this figure after Sanchís (312), Raul (327) and Casillas (334). Ramos, who has recently become the top scorer in the history of the League, He has scored 67 goals as Real Madrid in his 448 games in this competition.

His best edition in terms of the number of wins was 2011/12, when he had 30 victories and ended up lifting one of his four Suspenders. In the current one, he has won 18 of his 29 matches and has beaten his best scoring record in a League with 8 goals.

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