VOX Zaragoza sees a “totum revolutum” in the grouping of the registry farms of the future hospital. The municipal group of VOX in the City Council of Zaragoza asks for explanations from the Minister of Urbanism, Víctor Serrano. In everything that concerns the grouping of several municipal property registry farms located in the extension of Avenida Gómez Laguna. Where the future private hospital will be located. It is a "totum revolutum", has valued the councilor of VOX, Carmen Rouco.

After analyzing the agreement adopted in the urgent session this Monday of the Government of Zaragoza, Rouco points out that “Each of the farms grouped in the July 17 agreement has not been identified”. Nor is there "a detailed relationship of each of the deficiencies observed by the property registry." Not even "the new wording of the group that is taken to the registry."

For all these reasons, the municipal group of VOX has formulated these questions for its written response to the councilor for Urbanism. "Many clarifications are necessary", concludes Carmen Rouco.

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