The Maria Agustina Square it has dawned this Sunday with the image of a doll with the face of the president of Vox, Santiago Abascal, face down and with a painted shot in the head. On this occasion the signature is of the BAF.

It has been, "coincidence", the day on which Vox has held its General Assembly in which it has been proclaimed to Santiago Abascal, after some primary elections, as President, for another new term, of the party, "coinciding" with the departure, from that same place, of the expedition of affiliates and supporters traveling to Madrid, and with the 8M. The picture of Abascal With a shot in the head it was already seen on previous occasions. A radical feminist group called Subversives Castelló ‘decorated’ several streets of Castellón with the face of the leader of Vox with a shot in the forehead.

The image reminds of ETA's lead years in the Basque Country. The terrorist band pointed to their targets by placing them on the walls and facades on a target. The image, similar, is repeated now and aims at a person who knows perfectly what it is to have been pointed out by the terrorist band.

It represents a contempt for the almost four million Spaniards who have voted to Vox to turn the green party into the third political force in Spain.

The facts have proved right to Javier Ortega Smith He said this morning in Vistalegre that March 8 is a date to forget because a day like today in 1917 began the Russian revolution that is causing, throughout history, millions of dead.

Threats, coercions and shot in the forehead can be considered normal, habitual, in Marxist communist or socialist regimes such as the former USSR, Cuba or Venezuela, but they can never fit into a democracy where individual freedom is sacred and therefore non-negotiable. and untouchable

Vox demands that justice be done and that those responsible for the facts of María Agustina's ficus pay for their crime.

Vox, thanks, in his letter of condemnation, to the National Police, Local Police and Firefighters the withdrawal of a public site of something threatening freedom, education and good taste, hallmarks of the radical communism he intends, thank God without achieving it, the imposition of the single thought "progress" and cut our freedoms.

It's funny, continue Vox in the press release, that the enemies of freedom accuse us of fascists, by the way, a term created, coined and developed by European socialism.

Llanos Massó, President of Vox Castellón, has affirmed: ”We will move on without fear of anything or anyone"

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