The Health Commission of the Courts rejects the performance of antigen tests in educational centers. Another proposal from VOX in Aragon that, incomprehensibly, is not accepted.

VOX in Aragon had proposed that the educational centers of the Aragonese community be provided with a sufficient number of antigen tests. Test that are already being used in different communities and here, in Aragon, in the health centers themselves.

These are quick tests, to be carried out in the school itself, with results in 15 minutes. And that they have been shown to be effective in detecting possible symptomatic cases.

«In this way, with quick results, it would avoid harming the rest of the non-infected. And continue with the normal activity of the school without the unnecessary loss of school hours. Or the quarantines could be started as quickly as possible and the contagions stopped, ”said VOX spokesman Santiago Morón.

The performance of the test in the educational center would be carried out by the health personnel of the health center within 2 hours of the notification from the center.

With regard to health intervention actions, VOX in Aragon considers rapid detection important. And health intervention when it is suspected that it is affected by COVID-19, both for students and for teaching and non-teaching staff.

“You have to be aware that infections are going to occur. But it is the responsibility of the administration to minimize the consequences. And avoid unnecessary isolation of people possible. Or, what is more important, slow down the chain of spread of the virus, at the same time that it is avoided that a greater number of school hours are lost ”, Morón concluded.

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