How do the problems of alcohol and other drug use affect your company? How to act in the case of detecting cases of consumption? Or how to support the affected workers?

These and other issues are addressed in the online course "HEALTHY ENTERPRISE: – drugs, + benefits", a Fad course aimed at small and medium enterprises that aims to help identify, detect, address and prevent alcohol problems and other drugs within the workplace.

Drug use affects the workplace in a relevant way: in addition to the economic costs that companies and organizations have, and the deterioration that occurs in the work environment, we can not forget the most obvious: the harm to health of the workers. But nevertheless, On many occasions we are not able to establish a clear and direct relationship between these problems and the consumption of alcohol or other drugs.

In particular, the consumption of alcohol is perceived as something "normalized" and enjoy great social acceptance, we think that only generate problems when they are very obvious or dramatic (accidents, damage to facilities and equipment …). However, there are consumptions that affect the work performance in essential aspects although not so visible: possibility of defending a work proposal, of obtaining a sale, of fulfilling deadlines and forms in the delivery of results, of contributing suggestions for the improvement of certain processes, to collaborate in teamwork, to establish appropriate relationships with suppliers and customers, etc. All this important for an adequate development of workers and company.

The course is accessible through Fad's virtual classroom and the registration fee is € 19:


The International Labor Organization states that 10% of people who work have addiction problems and that they originate 80% of personnel problems.

According to data from the Survey on the consumption of psychoactive substances in the workplace in Spain, there is concern among the working population regarding the consumption of psychoactive substances. The majority, 87%, think that the consumption of alcohol and other drugs in the workplace is a major problem for different reasons, among which are the possibility that consumption may cause accidents at work or decrease productivity.

Finally, according to data provided by the Man Project Observatory, among people with addiction problems in treatment a fairly normalized profile predominates, where 58% have full-time work in the three years prior to admission and 75.4 % would have played an occupation in most of that period.

Regarding the type of employment and professional category, the majority of the industry and construction personnel and service personnel, although among the people served the entire scale of labor categories is represented, ranging from unskilled jobs (7.9%) to technicians, professionals and managers (6.1%). Service personnel predominate (39.9%) and industry and construction personnel (33.4%).

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