According to the data of the Statistics of the housing stock in Spain published by the Ministry of Development, the estimate in 2018 was 25,712,744 homes.

75% of these dwellings were main dwellings, 19,235,413, and 25% (6,477,331), non-main dwellings. The housing stock continues with an increase since 2013 at a very smooth pace: compared to the 2017 park it was 0.3%.

The provinces where the housing stock was greater than one million homes were Valencia, Alicante, Madrid and Barcelona, ​​the last two of which exceeded two million homes. In Ceuta, Melilla, Soria, Palencia and Teruel, the housing stock did not reach 120,000 homes.

The estimation of the housing stock at a national level is made using indirect methods based on information provided by administrative sources.

From the number of homes provided by the Housing Censuses of 2001 and 2011 (from Statistics National Institute), the total number of existing homes as of December 31 of the current years is updated, incorporating new homes built and homes created by rehabilitation activities and eliminating all those homes that have been eliminated. (The full estimate can be consulted on the website of the Ministry of Development, in the section of 'Observatories and Statistics', or following this link.

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