The "common position" pact signed in Toledo by all political parties except VOX has several objectives. The most important and visible is to end the Tajo-Segura Transfer, but it is not the only one, not even the most immediate. The mission of the pact and its true objective is to implant in Spain a certain ideology to exercise control over water.

The progressive oligarchies have decided to put themselves in the same "common position" on a wide variety of issues (not just water) with the idea of ​​isolating VOX, to leave it outside the sacred space of political correctness. The consensus schemes are well known and are embodied in that pact against the Spanish Levant: it is the ideology of the 2030 Agenda for the hegemony of globalism with a radical environmentalist base.
No one can be scandalized that the PP from La Mancha has signed that pact and that its national leadership embraces it. The ridiculous initiative of the president of Murcia, López Miras, with the creation of a "front" to fight the PP of La Mancha, has not counted on the Valencian Community or Andalusia, leaving in evidence the defenestration of agriculture at the hands of the oligarchy of all parties, who now share the same ideology of water: drought for all.

The question is not when the Tajo-Segura Transfer will fall or how much water will be sent in the future to have “a Mediterranean without thirst”. The Diversion project has already entered into a planned obsolescence plan that no one will be able to avoid after the signing of this pact between all political forces. And not just because the Toledo common position says so. The Transfer will fall because it is required by the dominant political way of thinking for water management, imposed by the 2030 Agenda. A trap for the PP and the rest of the parties made under the leadership of Pablo Iglesias.

No one can plead ignorance or his own clumsiness not to see what is in the operations room of the social-communist government. And in addition, they are saying it in writing in the Toledo pact of December 2020: the water policy must obey the design of climate change, be based solely on available resources and be oriented towards environmental conservation. And they add: we must follow the global strategy of the 2030 Agenda, with its 17 progress objectives, to promote the resilience of the social system by treating water as a human right outside the market so as not to consolidate the demand for deficit territories.

What does this all mean? It means that the political parties have defined the ideology of water according to the postulates of cultural Marxism. It is not a commercial good for exchanges, that is, it cannot be subject to transfers because the purpose of water is to supply ecosystems to mitigate climate change and develop biodiversity. Water governance does not consist of decisions but rather in pacts, in consensus agreements where regional authorities participate “with a leading role”. In addition, it is necessary to audit, to unmask the fraudulent irrigation system, its rigged consumption and storage, and the poor state of groundwater due to agricultural practices. And most importantly: limit transfers to moments of real need, justified on a case-by-case basis because transfers, and especially the Tajo-Segura, cannot continue to respond to “unlimited demands” that deprive the needs of others.

The end of the Transfer is very clear with this story rigged and made official truth. According to the pact reached by the parties, water is at the service of the environment and the actions of true community progressivism. The new model, which surpasses traditional management, is a system of "water bags" that, like the queues of hunger in times of misery, will only supply the "social irrigation" chosen by those in power. Those who do not give up are left out, those who do not accept water poverty, that is, entrepreneurs who are criminalized by exploiters and polluters.

From the pact all those who are against the principles of the social-communist policy for water resources will be left dry. With the compact endorsement of PSOE-PP-Cs, the politically correct consensus on water has total unanimity. Only VOX persists in a national plan that allows water to be shared among all Spaniards. Only VOX wants to use water in a productive and profitable way in the service of the common good and managed centrally, according to a national system of resources and supplies. Alone, VOX refuses to hand over to the whim of regional barons an essential resource for life and the national economy.

Never has such a clear strategy with water policy shown ruin. But luckily there is hope in VOX; It is not that we are left alone, it is that only VOX remains in the defense of Spain's water unit and in maintaining solidarity between its regions as an indisputable moral principle.

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