The deadline for requesting participation in the Tourism Program of the Institute for the Elderly and Social Services (Imserso), according to the recent Resolution of the Official State Bulletin. 900,000 places are called for the 2019/2020 season, which will begin in the first half of next October. The deadline to apply for the place ends on July 10.

The scheduled places are grouped three lots: tourism in areas of the peninsular coast, tourism in areas of insular coast and inland tourism (cultural circuits). The latter are traditionally the most demanded places and therefore have increased by 7%.

The price of the packages varies depending on the destination and the duration of the stay. There are packages of 4, 5, 6, 8, 10 and 15 days. 65% of pensioners who participate in the Imserso travel program have a pension lower than 1,050 euros / month.

This year, there is a reserve of 1% of the subsidized places at 50% for people who have economic resources equal to or less than non-contributory pensions for retirement or disability of the Social Security system.

People who have never participated in the program, and therefore have not been accredited in previous seasons, must submit their corresponding application.

If the person concerned has already participated in the program in previous years and is therefore already accredited, it is not necessary to submit a new application. Only in the event that your data has undergone any modification in relation to the previous year, you must inform the Imserso of such changes.

Since the middle of June, the Imserso is sending letters to people who have already been accredited in previous seasons to be notified if their data and preferences have changed. In total, the Imserso has sent 2.5 million writings.

People who want to notify changes and those who wish to register have multiple ways to communicate it. From postal delivery to electronic processing. In this sense, channels of a telematic nature have been implemented, such as a specific url address, the possibility of using the Electronic Headquarters of Imserso, and even a QR code to scan from the mobile phone. These new telematic channels of communication have been very well received, with a high use by older people.

This once again shows how older people have a better and more complete knowledge of new technologies, so that they can access the Internet without any problems, and perform telematically such as this, in a simple way and effective, avoiding unnecessary paperwork and displacements.

In other cases, the presentation of applications through these channels also supposes the development of intergenerational relations, in those situations in which the older person may not have knowledge sufficiently deep to be able to carry out this type of managements, and help from younger family members (children, grandchildren, nephews) that have a more fluid Internet management.

There is also the possibility of presenting the form in paper format, both in the Central Services of Imserso, its Territorial Offices in the Autonomous Cities of Ceuta and Melilla. In addition, it is possible to present the applications at the post offices, diplomatic representations or consular offices of Spain abroad, or at the assistance offices in matters of registration.

You can also send the request through postal mail in franked envelope, before July 10, 2019, by sending it to the following address: Tourism Program of Imserso, Apartado de Correos 10.140, 28080 Madrid.

On the other hand, to resolve possible doubts, the information telephone number 901 10 98 99 has been enabled. Queries can also be directed to the e-mail address or through the Imserso website.

The Social Tourism Program of Imserso for the seasons 2019/2020 and 2020/2021 totals 1,142,365,995.76 euros, VAT excluded. This figure includes both the contribution of Imserso (20.39%) and that of the beneficiaries (79.61%). Includes a possible extension for another two seasons.

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