The selective processes of the General State Administration will continue when the health situation allows it.

The National Institute of Public Administration (INAP) In a year, it developed 15 selective processes to cover 8,312 positions in the General State Administration (AGE), of which 7,706 were for the general shift, 486 for people with disabilities and 120 for people with intellectual disabilities.

This is clear from the 2019 INAP Report, which also includes the number of applicants admitted to these processes, a total of 121,693.

Selective processes developed bodies and scales

The selective processes carried out correspond to the following bodies and scales:

  • Superior Body of Civil Administrators of the State (free admission and internal promotion).
  • Superior Body of Information Systems and Technologies of the State Administration (free admission and internal promotion).
  • Technical Scale for Management of Autonomous Organizations (internal promotion).
  • Management Body of the State Civil Administration (free admission and internal promotion).
  • Corps of Systems Management and Informatics of the State Administration (free admission and internal promotion).
  • General Administrative Body of the State Administration (free admission and internal promotion).
  • Corps of Computer Auxiliary Technicians of the State Administration (free admission and internal promotion).
  • General Auxiliary Body of the State Administration (free admission and internal promotion).

Local Administration Officials Scale with national authorization

In 2019, the 2018 Public Employment Offer was executed for the Secretariat Subscale, Intervention-Treasury Subscale, Secretariat Subscale, higher category, and Intervention-Treasury Subscale, higher category. The number of internal promotion places called was 435, of which 414 were for the general shift and 21 to the general disability reserve quota. The admitted applications were 1,008.

The execution of the free access corresponding to the 2018 Public Employment Offer – whose completion was planned in the first semester of 2020 – of the Secretariat-Intervention Subscale, Secretariat Subscale, and Intervention-Treasury Subscale also began. The number of open access places called, still in execution, amounts to 278, of which 264 are for the general shift and 14 for people with disabilities. 2,278 is the number of applicants admitted.


In 2019, 187 activities were carried out, with 35,890 participants, increasing the 'on line' modality compared to face-to-face and blended.
Likewise, the last editions of the University Master's Degree in Public Administration Communication and the University Master's Degree in Leadership and Public Management finished, and the new University Master's Degree in Public Management and Leadership has begun its journey.

INAP Social

The Public Administration Professional Social Network aims to generate expert knowledge to professionalize public employment and optimize the provision of services.

  • INAP Social, had at the end of 2019 with 27,700 users and 49 communities of active practices, among which stand out «Electronic Administration», «Public Procurement», «Training in Public Administration», «Innovation», «Transparency and Open Government» and «Protection of personal data».
  • The INAP Knowledge Bank (BCI) is an 'online' repository that manages knowledge, supported by data and information. In 2019 it reached 430 registered good practices.
  • «Ágora», 'on line' library of resources, an information system of Ibero-American reference in public administration, open access and free. At the end of 2019, this space gathered 860,000 documents, 1,780 magazines and 5,300 theses.
  • The "Administration to the Day", which distributes a daily newsletter, allows access to general and legal information to provide professionals in the sector with information on public administration. At the end of 2019 it reached 17,012 subscribers.

Research and dissemination

INAP has made a significant effort in research and dissemination throughout 2019. The process of consolidation of the permanent call for research projects has continued, which has an outstanding track record since 2013. In addition, the INAP 2019 Prize for doctoral theses, the INAP-Fulbright scholarship was convened to carry out postgraduate studies in the United States for the academic year 2020-2021 and nine training and research scholarships for university graduates.

Regarding the dissemination of research and knowledge, the magazines "Management and Analysis of Public Policies" -GAPP-, "Journal of Studies of Local and Autonomous Administration" -REALA-, "Administrative Documentation" -DA- and 12 monographs were edited.

International relations

In the international sphere, INAP has promoted institutional relations with international technical cooperation organizations and training activities aimed at public employees from other countries.

Two memoranda of understanding have been signed: with the Mauritanian National School of Administration, Journalism and Magistracy and with the Honduran School of Senior Management. A collaboration agreement was signed with the Latin American Center for Development Administration (CLAD) for the organization in Peru of the "VI Iberoamerican Meeting of Schools and Institutes of Public Administration".

Support for the XIX Congress of the International Federation of Former Ibero-American Students of INAP Spain held in Quito, with the signing of an agreement with the Ecuadorian Association of Former Ibero-American Students of INAP of Spain.

Organization of twelve institutional visits and studies for public employees of foreign entities to learn about INAP's activity and the solutions implemented in the face of the current challenges facing the Spanish public administration. In addition, INAP provided technical assistance to Ecuador, Honduras, Peru, and Mauritania.

Web and social networks

The INAP website registered 11,316,233 visits last year and its electronic headquarters 9,340,367. Social networks had more than 16,500 followers on Twitter and 11,300 on Facebook; and almost 9,000 on LinkedIn.

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