In the last two years, the OnGranada Tech City cluster has established itself as a driver of change in the business ecosystem of Granada and Andalusia. Its qualification as an Innovative Business Group and its inclusion in the European catalog of Digital Innovation Hubs have allowed it to become a lever for attracting projects and funds linked to innovation and digital transformation, which have directly benefited 60 companies associated.

"We are contributing our grain of sand to consolidate the knowledge industry, innovation and technology", explained this morning the president of OnGranada Tech City, Gerardo Cuerva, during the celebration of the General Assembly. The president has indicated that, although OnGranada is the entity that channels and coordinates the different projects, the objective of the cluster is for these funds to reach the companies, allowing them to carry out their R & D & I initiatives by converting them into training providers and services. "Our goal is to boost the ICT and BioTIC business fabric, make it stronger, and for this it is essential that we provide our companies with the financing they need to carry out their projects," said Gerardo Cuerva.

Since 2017, OnGranada has distributed directly between its associated companies 2.13 million euros for the execution of innovative projects or digital training through various calls and programs of the Ministry of Industry, Commerce and Tourism or Network. is.

Thanks to the Ministry's funds, the companies associated with OnGranada Tech City have been able to develop a dozen R + D + i projects related to cybersecurity, smart electric networks, the treatment of oncological waste, Big Data technologies and Intelligence. Artificial or the development of formulations for the treatment of oral diseases. In addition, through, OnGranada has developed the training program for Digital Professionals and is executing the Digital Transformation Office project, whose dissemination and awareness service is being developed directly by companies associated with the cluster.

The capacity of the Cluster Technical Office to mobilize funds and promote projects is even greater, since since 2015 OnGranada has mobilized along with other entities and business groups around 8.5 million euros, which include the two international projects (Bio-ALL and Digiclusters) that is currently developing.

The General Assembly of OnGranada Tech City has had the presence of the mayor of Granada and honorary president of the cluster, Luis Salvador, who has transferred the institutional commitment of the City of Granada with OnGranada and has guaranteed his support to help turn the city into spearhead in Spain within the digital economy and knowledge sector. "The City Council can not be a mere spectator, but an active agent for the development and strengthening of business initiatives in a sector where there are no borders and where we have to be very ambitious," he said.

The meeting was also attended by representatives of the Provincial Council of Granada, the Junta de Andalucía, the Chamber of Commerce and the University.

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