Insurance plays a leading role in funerals in Spain. Last year, the sector took over the burial of 275,160 people. That is, 61% of those killed in the country. This is one of the conclusions that emerge from the We Are Safe 2018 Report prepared by UNESPA. Most burials (185,263) occurred in the same location where the death occurred. In 89,388 cases, 32.49% of the total, it was necessary to move the body from one population to another within the national territory. There were also 509 people who perished abroad.

Death insurance is, after car insurance, the most capillar insurance product in Spain. Not surprisingly, 21.76 million people of the 46.73 million residents in the country are protected by one of these policies, according to data collected by ICEA. They represent 46.6% of the population. As there are 8.36 million policies in the market, there is an average of 2.6 policyholders per contract. This data confirms the familiar nature of the product.

The insurers usually take care of the funeral service and transfers and, in addition, provide families with other associated services such as legal advice or psychological care. For more information on coverage covered by death insurance you can go to the section Your toppings from the web of We are sure.

The implementation of death insurance is particularly prominent in the southern half of the Peninsula and in the Cantabrian coast. The provinces where this product has a greater presence are Cádiz (80% of the insured population), Ávila (79%), Badajoz (72%), Ciudad Real (69%) and Huelva (66%). But even in those territories where death insurance has a comparatively low weight, its presence remains more than noticeable. This is the case of Melilla (16%), Soria (18%), Huesca (21%), Teruel (22%) and Baleares (23%).

The highest subscription rates for this product occur after 45 years and, especially, in old age. However, death insurance is also quite present among children and young people. Insurance rates among population cohorts under 30 years old range between 19% and 44%.

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