After the media impact, caused by the measure of the president of the regional government, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, to fire temporary health personnel infected with COVID-19, the Board has backed down to extend their contracts until they recover.

Despite the fact that our health heroes are saving dozens of lives every day and leaving their skin to fight the health crisis that plagues our country, those who depend on the Galician Health Service (SERGAS), live with the feeling that this organism does not protects. In fact, last week, one of the most drastic and intolerable measures they have had to face is immediate dismissal in case of infection, which implies, in addition to a problem in the escalation of points in their barometric system, a voracious ingratitude towards the people who are in the "front line" of contagion to make possible the containment of the bug.

As has been happening for a long time, the Board has again made it difficult to extend contracts, but this time, it has done so in the midst of a health crisis and without the guarantee of a single agreement that protects its workers in the event of infection and while this period of uncertainty lasts. Once again, the body that should protect them, has come to consider that it was more appropriate to get rid of those toilets that contracted the virus while saving lives.

We know that these highly valued and essential professionals, under normal circumstances and outside of this catastrophe, live on permanent alert waiting for a phone call in which they are offered a contract of accumulation of tasks that is renewed overnight. Most of the time. Professionals who live with the insecurity of what will happen to their family and personal future, since they do not have any job stability and, therefore, cannot make long-term plans.

Without a doubt, this measure that has been attempted to be carried out by the Junta de Galicia is another example of the uncontrolled management that exists in our system. It is unacceptable that our healthcare personnel have to deal with recruitment issues while they are openly exposing themselves to an infection that puts their health and work at risk. It is downright embarrassing and inhuman. Just as it is unacceptable that, under normal circumstances, our health heroes are exposed to job insecurity where there are no guarantees, recognition and long-term stability.

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