The jury, in its verdict, supports the popular accusation of VOX in the so-called "trial of the suspenders." The VOX deputy for Huesca, David Arranz, has exercised the popular accusation in the repetition of the trial in Zaragoza.

The popular jury has delivered its verdict with eight votes in favor and one against. Thus, Rodrigo Lanza is guilty of a crime of murder for the violent death of Víctor Laínez in December 2017. After the brutal attack he suffered in front of the Tocadiscos bar, in the Old Town of Zaragoza.

The nine members of the jury consider that there was treachery and that the crime was motivated by the ideology of the victim. And in this way, they show their opposition to the result of the first trial, which resulted in a five-year prison sentence for reckless homicide.

Declarations of the popular prosecution

David Arranz, after hearing the verdict, has shown the pride of having fought as a Popular Accusation in this hard and long judicial process. Against the murderer, leftist extremist and anti-system of Víctor Laínez. Arranz remembered this good man, a patriot who proudly wore suspenders with the Spanish flag, without messing with anyone.

«I am proud to have helped to do justice in this case, it is a popular cry. It could not be anything or almost nothing, it was not reckless, it was a savage murder, almost an execution, and finally today the people, forming the People's Jury tribunal, have estimated that it was a murder, committed with treachery. That is, taking advantage of a situation of defenselessness of the victim, when he cowardly attacked him from behind, in a surprising way. They have also appreciated the aggravation of the murderer acting out of his political and ideological hatred, as we always defend, he pointed out.

Once again, Vox is on the side of Justice, the common good, freedom, ideological freedom and thought. As well as being able to proudly display our national symbols.

«Today we are happy, proud of our work, of the rigorous exercise of the Popular Accusation. Without fear of anything or anyone. With the family of Víctor Laínez, who have always thanked us for our effort, support and struggle, with no other remuneration than serving a just cause, Spain and the good Spaniards, ”said David Arranz.

“As a society we must also celebrate that someone like Rodrigo Lanza is in prison for as long as possible, because he is dangerous, radical and sick of leftist ideological and sectarian hatred. He also has a very serious criminal record for leaving a city guard in Barcelona quadriplegic during the eviction of a squatter house. Today I also feel that we have done justice to that man and his family a bit, because it was very cheap for this character who today is condemned for what he is, a murderer », David Arranz concluded.

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