The Labor and Social Security Inspection creates a specific management unit to deal with the incidence of Covid-19 in the workplace

The Labor and Social Security Inspection (ITSS), in the face of the health crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic, has modified its organization to adapt to the situation, reorganizing its resources to dedicate all available means to the care of the situation created by Covid-19 in the workplace , in collaboration with the labor and health authorities.

The ITSS has instructed the Provincial Inspections to preferentially dedicate the inspection action to the specific activities derived from Covid-19 within companies, and to maintain the rest of their activity in relation to urgent actions.

To this end, a coronavirus health crisis management unit has been created, whose functions are aimed at:

Strengthen action in the field of risk prevention.

  • Protect the individual and collective rights of workers that may be ignored or limited as a consequence of this situation.
  • Coordinate and unify criteria in the reports that the Inspection must carry out as a consequence of the temporary employment regulation files.

This Unit will be divided into three areas:

  1. Coordination area of ​​the action of the Provincial Inspections in this matter. It will be in charge of the coordination and support to the Provincial Labor and Social Security Inspections, solving doubts and interpretive problems and solving the incidents that arise.
  2. Planning Area. It will be dedicated to monitoring communications raised in the Inspection's complaints mailbox, communications from unions, the media and other means, in order to identify situations that require the Inspection's actions.
  3. Tracking area. It will carry out monitoring functions of the results of the actions in these matters.

The Labor and Social Security Inspection is a state organism, dependent on the Ministry of Labor and Social Economy, which gathers the services of monitoring and demanding compliance with the legal, regulatory and normative content of collective agreements; technical assistance services; arbitration, conciliation and mediation services; as well as inspection actions derived from the services provided by the Labor and Social Security Inspection.

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