VOX Senator Jacobo González-Robatto explained today from the Senate Tribune, during the Plenary Session, the objectives of the left with illegal immigration: "Once they come, they are left abandoned in settlements while they oxygenate the mafias and when they arrive in Spain they only use them for their clientelist networks."

The senator has stated that the responsibility in the first instance lies with the "government conglomerate, for the permissiveness of criminals", and has criticized that "they throw the border policy allowing the massive entry of illegal immigrants without any type of control, which Either by direct collaboration or by omission of help to the State Security Forces and Corps, and then with those responsible for the control of contracts and the health of the homes.

He has also regretted that Spain has become a "focus of attraction to illegal immigration due to the pull effect caused by the Government of Sánchez and Iglesias, the permeability of borders and the government's non-refoulement policy."

Police, no test

Regarding the State Security Forces and Bodies, it has denounced that "they have no means to contain this wave of immigration or to guarantee their personal safety", since, "every time a positive was detected in a boat, these agents entered quarantined, increasingly reducing the ability of devices to deal with this problem. And while newly arrived illegals are subjected to testing, police officers cannot access evidence.

He has also warned that "a very high percentage tests positive for Coronavirus", which, in addition, "means that they cannot be expelled, if not that they go directly to a reception center from which they escape and put the health of citizens at risk ».

To avoid these situations, the senator explained, "there is no other way than to strictly control our borders, preventing mafias from taking advantage of the lives of immigrants." "It is the only way that exists to be able to stop these cases of exploitation, insecurity and precariousness," he added.

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