The left-wing forces present in the Senate have refused to sign an Institutional Declaration condemning the escalation of violence against politicians in Spain and which is promoted by the extreme left, by inciting part of society to use violence as a method of confrontation policy to those who consider estranged from their ideas.

This spiral of violence, the Declaration denounces, has had as its culmination the recent attempt to lynch two congressional deputies, Rocío de Meer and Ignacio Garriga, in the Barcelona neighborhood of El Raval. "With this episode, the violent armies of the extreme left have shown that they only allow political freedom to those who defend their own ideas, and that they are willing to violently end any dissent," the letter explains.

The letter recalls that «what a few years ago were unfortunate events of harassment, public coercion and insults against certain politicians, especially in places like Catalonia, the Basque Country or Navarra, in recent months has become a constant spiral of violence that has spread they have focused on what they consider to be their true political opposition.

The Declaration rejected by the left denounces the "constant harassment and attack on political freedoms" that took place during the Basque and Galician elections, when radical left-wing radicals tried to boycott every act, spurred by hate messages launched from Congress by public officials such as Pablo Iglesias, Pablo Echenique or Adriana Lastra, "with the complicit silence of a considerable number of public and private media and social communication."

In this sense, the Declaration denounces, "very few political figures have condemned the attacks and have shown their solidarity with the victims", either by "political calculation, cowardice or complicity with the attackers."

The letter that promoted this formation in the Senate also denounces the rise of violence experienced in the United States, where the so-called movement Black Lives Matter “It has turned entire cities into battlefields where every night murders are committed and it is about humiliating and imposing on free citizens a way of thinking under the threat of violence; and the so-called “antifa” groups, suitably subsidized, spread throughout Europe, intimidating citizens and violating freedoms and consciences ».

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