The list of contributory pensions stands at 9,872.3 million euros in February

This increase included the 0.9% revaluation established by the Royal Decree-Law 1/2020, of January 24, which was first applied in February.

In inter-monthly terms, the payroll also reflected the 0.9% revaluation and grew 1.1%. In the case of the amount allocated to retirement, the increase was 1.2%.

Of the 9,872.32 million of the payroll, more than two thirds went to the payment of retirement pensions, whose amount was 7,056 million. This amount increased by 3.68% in the last twelve months.

For widowhood pensions, 1,706.2 million euros were allocated, while the payroll for permanent disability benefits was 945.69 million. Orphanage benefits were dedicated 139.17 million, to family benefits, 25.23 million.

Number of pensions and average pension

The average pension of the System, which includes the different classes (retirement, permanent disability, widowhood, orphanhood and in favor of family members), was 1,006.85 euros per month, with an interannual increase of 2.2%. In this way, it exceeded 1,000 euros per month for the first time.

Evolution of the average pension amountSpecifically, the average retirement pension amounted to 1,156.26 euros per month and the widow's pension stood at 722.65 euros. As for the new discharges, the average retirement pension, whose last available data is January, was 1,380.85 euros.

Amount of the average pension per CC.AA.Together, the Social Security System paid 9,805,148 contributory pensions in February, 1.01% more than in the same month last year. 62.2% were retirement benefits, 6,102,437 specifically; 28% were death and survival pensions, (2,361,066 correspond to widow's benefits; 339,765 to orphanage and 43,057 in favor of family members) and the remaining 9.8%, 958,823, were permanent disability benefits.

Both the payroll and the number of pensions grew in all the autonomous communities, except in Asturias, where the number of benefits decreased in February by 0.2%.

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