The maximum person in charge of organizing the extraction of large cocaine items from the Port of Algeciras in recent years has been arrested

He had been linked to the world of drug trafficking for several decades, receiving "commissions" from different national and international criminal groups when he was considered the individual with the largest network of contacts to get drugs out of that port.

It is part of the second phase of the ALLIS UBBO operation, which ended with the intervention of 480 kilograms of cocaine and the arrest of 21 people, 10 of them workers from that port, focused on the occasion of the patrimonial investigation of other members of the criminal organization investigated

"El Señor del Puerto" joins the list of historical criminals linked to drug trafficking in the Strait area who are being detained in recent months as "Los Castaña" or "Kiko el Fuerte" a few days ago

The Civil Guard, in the so-called operation ESTRATUM, has detained what was known by several criminal groups as "The Lord of the Port", this being the person they turned to to extract different shipments of cocaine from the Port of Algeciras and delivered to different places previously agreed.

This is J.G.M, 54 years old and Spanish nationality, who has been arrested with two other people, including his son, 32 years old and a trusted person for all issues related to drug trafficking.

The operation derives from what was called Operation ALLIS UBBO, carried out by the Drug Group of the Central Operating Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard completed in the summer of last year, in which a total of 21 people were arrested , 10 of them workers from the port of Algeciras, from where they extracted 480 kg of cocaine intervened by the agents.
With this operation, the fundamental logistical support for the entry of cocaine into our country through these port facilities was dismantled, in addition to being accredited by investigators the contacts of criminal organizations in Colombia, Morocco, France and other European countries with several of the investigated
Then the ESTRATUM operation has been developed, focused on the patrimonial investigations of several people who could not be arrested or charged in the previous operation, since their participation in the specific facts investigated was not fully defined, although they had a very relevant role in the criminal organization

13,000 € 50 bills in shoe boxes

In the operation phase of this operation, 7 home searches have been carried out, which have allowed the intervention of € 710,000 in cash, highlighting 13,000 € 50 bills, most of them hidden in hidden shoe boxes inside a pool table at one of JGM's properties
In the same way, 13 properties have been blocked in different areas of the Campo de Gibraltar and 14 bank accounts, all administratively linked to the main detainee and his family environment, valued at a significant sum of money.
To these intervened effects it is also necessary to add a recently acquired vessel valued at about € 100,000 and 11 high-end vehicles, among which several SUVs and a brand new caravan car stand out.

"El Señor del Puerto", "Maradona", "El Castaña" and "Kiko el Fuerte"

With the arrest of J.G.M, "El Señor del Puerto", there are already several "historical" drug traffickers in the Strait area that are being detained in recent months by security forces.
The most recent detention is that of the one known as “Kiko the Strong”, who was recently arrested with 17 members of his gang in an important Civil Guard device, which had been done with the control of hashish entry by the Campo de Gibraltar, after the arrest and dismantling of the "Los Castaña" group.
Regarding J.G.M, he had been linked to drug trafficking and smuggling for decades, starting in these activities as a minor, notifying different groups of smugglers of the presence of police patrols in the vicinity of areas of hashish and tobacco discharge.
Although he was arrested several times in different police operations against drug trafficking, over the years he has become the person with the largest network of contacts for the extraction of drug items from the port of Algeciras.
In fact, in the investigation referred to last year, J.G.M was seen in key meetings with the leaders of the "colla" of dockers of the Port of Algeciras, arrested for the extraction of these facilities from the 480 kg of cocaine intervened. It should be noted that in conversations between the leaders of the criminal group that commissioned this shipment, they referred to JGM as "one of the referents of drug trafficking in Algeciras" or even on occasion, as "one of the most violent and dangerous people in the Field of Gibraltar. "
Another one of those who also attended these important meetings was the one known as “Maradona de la Cocaína”, who died when he was killed in an adjustment of accounts for a possible drug robbery between criminal groups.
This operation has been carried out in the Courts of Algeciras by the Drug Group of the Central Operating Unit (UCO) of the Civil Guard together with the Drug Trafficking Coordination Agency (OCON SOUTH), with the support of the Algeciras Command and the coordination of the Special Prosecutor's Office of Algeciras.


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