The meetings of the four negotiating tables for the agricultural sector begin

The purpose of these tables is to give continuity to the measures agreed in the Agrarian Dialogue Table by the Government to alleviate the crisis situation in the agricultural sector.

Throughout this month of March, the first of the meetings of the other negotiating tables is also scheduled: transposition of the Community directive on unfair commercial practices; trade issues, which includes agreements with third countries, brexit and tariffs; and a fourth on taxation, employment and energy.

These meetings will involve representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, professional agricultural organizations and Ministries interested in different subjects.

The dialogue and the joint work of the Government with the professional agricultural organizations will offer clarity and tranquility to the functioning of the sector.

With the creation of these four negotiating tables within the Agrarian Advisory Committee – the usual interlocution channel between the Ministry and agricultural professional organizations – the Government will continue with the dialogue, to offer a broad package of reforms to improve the situation of the agricultural sector.

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