The Minister of Culture and Sports claims the role of culture in national and global public policies

This was expressed by Rodríguez Uribes at the virtual meeting of culture ministers from UNESCO member countries that took place this afternoon, in which he defended the need to "promote and adopt initiatives and instruments that serve to support and relaunch our cultural industries now, and fundamentally after the end of this crisis. "

"Culture is a good of first necessity", said Rodríguez Uribes, who has defended that it is "a right of citizens, essential for their development, coexistence and social cohesion. Today more than ever, culture stands as lifeguards to cope with containment measures. "

For the Spanish Minister of Culture, the future scenario will also be marked by the definitive implementation of digital culture. In a globalized world, "it is a priority to develop initiatives at the international level that guarantee economic balance in the value chain, that protect the intellectual property rights of creators and cultural industries," he defended.

A digital stage that constitutes "an opportunity to guarantee access to the culture of our citizens" and a boost to "attract new audiences".

Protection of cultural heritage

As measures for the protection of cultural heritage, Spain has developed initiatives such as an alert guide and recommendations on disinfection procedures in cultural property due to the COVID-19 crisis and which has been raised to international institutions, including UNESCO.

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