The Minister of Defense visits the Land Component Command of the & # 039; Operation Balmis & # 039;

The Defense Minister, Margarita Robles, has met at the headquarters of the Terrestrial Component Command with the Chief of Defense Staff, General of the Air Miguel Ángel Villaroya, with the Chief of Staff of the Army, General of the Army, Francisco Javier Varela Salas and with the head of the Terrestrial Component Command, Lieutenant General Carlos Palacios Zaforteza to learn first-hand about the work of the Army in 'Operation Balmis'.

During the meeting that took place in the Situation Center of the Spanish Army, Lieutenant General Zaforteza gave the minister a situation report on the operations carried out by the different units of the Spanish Army participating in the operation. to fight this pandemic.

Land Component Control

Under the command of the Operations Command commander, the Chief of the Army General Staff has entrusted the Land Presence and Surveillance Command with activating the Terrestrial Component Command for 'Operation Balmis'.

The Component Terrestrial Command (MCT) is planning and conducting the different operations in support of the fight against the coronavirus, all within the framework of RD 463/2020, of March 14.

In front is Lieutenant General Carlos Palacios Zaforteza, head of the Canary Islands Command. This Command and Control structure, based at the Army Headquarters, has been established on the basis of the Army Army Situation Center reinforced with various personnel from other Army Command (Land Force, Logistics Support Command, Command of Staff and Headquarters).

In this way, there is control over some 2,500 Army soldiers deployed daily in direct support of 'Operation Balmis' and the rest of the logistical and personnel support capabilities to ensure a rapid response.

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