The Minister of Economy and Business, Nadia Calviño, met today in Paris with a large group of representatives of Spanish companies and French companies with interests in Spain.

In his speech Nadia Calviño highlighted the tradition and relevance of trade relations between the two countries, noting that France is the largest customer of Spain in the world and the fourth foreign investor. He also highlighted the dynamism of Spanish companies and the important internationalization process carried out in recent years: "we have global, open, productive and innovative companies, which we support and continue to support from public administrations".

Budget stability, improving competitiveness and reducing the gender gap

The Minister of Economy and Business has assured that the Government is convinced that growth, in addition to robust, must be sustainable. Nadia Calviño has highlighted that Spain is in a phase of intense growth, achieved after hard years of crisis thanks to the efforts of all Spaniards, but that, however, has failed to recover the levels of wellbeing prior to the crisis and draws significant imbalances Among those who have cited the unemployment rate, the high percentage of the population at risk of exclusion, the high rate of child poverty and the maintenance of a significant structural deficit.

To reverse this situation, Minister Nadia Calviño said that "economic policy must be aimed at fostering robust growth that is also sustainable from a triple perspective: economic-financial, environmental and social." The Minister of Economy and Business has transferred to the assembled entrepreneurs that this triple axis of sustainability requires that several essential elements be combined: budgetary stability, which allows reducing the stock of public debt and guaranteeing its sustainability; increased productivity, through investment in human capital, innovation and an intelligent ecological transition; and reduce the gender wage gap since greater participation of women in the labor market generates greater economic growth.

Finally, Nadia Calviño has revealed the Europeanist character of the executive and her commitment to boost European integration: “The European Union is based on a dream of deep solidarity that should inspire us for the future so that no state or citizen is left behind "

At the meeting, the representatives of Spanish and French companies have shared with the Minister Nadia Calviño their views on the situation of the different economic sectors they represent.

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