• In its first intervention in the Economy and Business Commission, it has established the main economic policy objectives aimed at establishing a growth model that reaches all citizens and lasts over time
  • Nadia Calviño has announced the reactivation of the Financial Stability Committee (CESFI) with the aim of recovering the project to create a macroprudential authority in Spain

The Minister of Economy and Business, Nadia Calviño, has appeared for the first time and at her own request in the Committee on Economy and Business of the Congress of Deputies. In his presentation, Calviño has advanced some of the priorities in economic policy, business support and digital agenda of the department he directs.

The Minister of Economy and Business has requested the collaboration of political forces to carry out reforms that allow laying the foundations for “solid, sustainable and fair growth in the medium term”. In this regard, he pointed out the importance of "developing an economic policy that combines budgetary stability with environmental, social and territorial sustainability, while ensuring that no one is left behind."

Starting from the current economic situation, Nadia Calviño has insisted on the need to activate the potential of our country in the long term. He has also warned about the importance of not falling into complacency and addressing the structural weaknesses of the Spanish economy, among which he has pointed out the dysfunctions of the labor market, a high public and private debt, the increase in inequality and the stagnation of growth potential.

The minister has highlighted the main objective of the Government to create employment and added that improving quality and investment in training should be priority goals of economic policy.

Regarding the objectives of his ministry, Nadia Calviño has reaffirmed the Government's commitment to budgetary stability. It has also reiterated the need to increase potential GDP, through the promotion of cross-cutting measures in the field of digitalization, training, innovation, energy transformation or the circular economy, among others, that allow productivity to increase.

As part of the impulse towards the digital economy, the Minister of Economy has advanced that a strategy will be presented to the Council of Ministers that includes the main measures aimed at promoting this transition and helping SMEs to take advantage of new opportunities.

Project to create a macroprudential authority in Spain

Calviño has announced the reactivation of the Financial Stability Committee (CESFI) in which the Ministry of Economy and Business, the Bank of Spain and the CNMV participate. The objective of this meeting will be to recover the project for the creation of a macroprudential authority in Spain that warns of possible economic crises. It would be an institution similar to those that exist in practically all the countries of the European Union.

The Minister has highlighted the work done during these weeks in the Government Delegate Commission for Economic Affairs (CDGAE) where, among other agreements, the bases that will allow the progressive exit of the autonomous communities to the market have been established.

Another urgent action that is being carried out is the transposition of different community directives that should have been included in the legal system for years. In order to expedite its processing, the authorization of the month of July has been requested so that the Economy and Business Commission of the Congress can process projects such as the Real Estate Credit Law and the Non-Financial Information Law Project.

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