The Minister of Labor calls the political forces to a great Agreement against Precariousness in the Spanish labor market

Yolanda Díaz has stated that "it is necessary to link the exit from the current crisis to the elimination of precariousness, a labor anomaly in our country" and asked "who can defend a labor model that forces us to choose between unemployment and precariousness? We never have to face that choice again. We cannot allow this crisis to accentuate the inequalities that already exist in our labor market. "

Díaz, who has stressed that young workers and women are the main victims of temporary and precariousness, has pointed out that "we have to correct the weaknesses of our productive and business structure, end the culture of precariousness and dispose of a new regulatory framework with the strategic objective of job stability, modernization of the company in Spain and improvement of productivity ".

Protection measures

The Minister of Labor and Social Economy has indicated the development of a package of measures with the following objectives:

  1. Safeguarding occupational health. "The Government of Spain has prioritized health over any other objective, and from the Ministry we have developed measures to guarantee the safety and health of working people."
  2. Ensure the maintenance of jobs. "We have established all the mechanisms at our disposal to prevent job loss during the state of alarm, but also during the social and economic crisis that the pandemic has generated."
  3. Grant protection to all workers during the emergency, "so that they have income during the period when they cannot work, and on the other hand, so that those who have lost their jobs have benefits."

"The Government has made saving lives a priority, and we know that economic recovery and the maintenance of employment are at the core of the strategy to stop this pandemic" –

The Minister of Labor has detailed the health protection measures in the workplace during the Covid 19 health crisis, on job protection, with special emphasis on the reinforced mechanism of the Temporary Employment Regulation Files (ERTE) , and other tools such as subsidies for specific groups, the promotion of the social economy and the adaptability of working conditions.

In addition, Díaz has broken down the items intended for Active Employment Policies, which he has distributed, among the Autonomous Communities, 1,048 million euros.

244,728 benefits in one day

Yolanda Díaz has recognized the work carried out by the State Public Employment Service (SEPE), whose staff "approved this Monday the unemployment benefit for 244,728 people." The minister has analyzed the falls in affiliation, by sectors and activities, with special emphasis on construction, and has detailed the unemployment figures during March and April, month in which "the rate of growth of unemployment is much lower than in March, "he said.

Furthermore, "work time must be addressed and care must be addressed," Díaz said, referring to the extensions approved today in the Council of Ministers of the measures that facilitate remote work or of the MeCuida program, which allows working hours flexibility for the development of dependent care.

To conclude, he explained how "the return to the new normality" will be faced, in terms of measures in the workplace, after a stage of attenuated exceptionality, with the configuration of a new order of labor relations for which, he reiterated, " a great Agreement against Precariousness is necessary. "

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