The Minister of the Interior presents the Plan of Action of the Civil Guard against violence against women

This Plan represents a new advance by the Civil Guard in defense of women and is one more step than those that have been taking since 25 years ago the Emumes (Women-Minor Teams) were created

The Plan is aligned with the different national and international strategies that contemplate any type of violence against women

It consists mainly of 20 measures in different areas, among which we can highlight the expansion of specialist staff, increase in training in educational centers, complete the implementation of a specific telephone number attended by specialized personnel, create the Central Office against violence against Women in the Civil Guard or create the figure of the Coordinator against violence against Women

The Interior Minister, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, presented this Monday the Civil Guard Action Plan against violence against women. During the presentation, the Interior Minister was accompanied by the General Director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez. In her speech, Grande-Marlaska highlighted that “this project adopts a plural and diverse approach, in which the police perspective, in its preventive and investigative aspects, is now combined with a care and protective perspective that not only watches over the rights of the victims, but also aims to cover their needs for care and attention ”.

“This initiative is the embodiment of an ethical commitment that places the Civil Guard at the center of the heart of a society like the Spanish one, which challenges all of us who are committed to public service to eradicate from within the scourge of sexist terrorism , which converts half the population into potential victims ”, said the minister.

This Plan represents a new step of institutional reinforcement and impulse that is preceded by the work carried out since the implementation of the Women-Minor Teams (Emumes) 25 years ago. Its objective is to continue growing and to continue working to eradicate any type of violence that is exercised against women for the mere fact of being one.

The Civil Guard has developed this Plan taking as reference the Declaration of the United Nations General Assembly and the conclusions of the Beijing Platform, the Istanbul Convention, the 2030 Agenda that in Spain has been promoted through the National Action Plan , the State Pact against Gender Violence, etc. Ultimately, the Civil Guard Plan is aligned with the need to advance in a comprehensive response on all forms of violence against women.

In this way, the Civil Guard promotes a response to deal with all forms of violence against women with professionalism, sensitivity and a gender perspective, considering all possible forms of violence against women: physical violence, sexual violence, assaults and sexual abuse; the psychological or economic; harassment, in general, and sexual harassment, in particular; forced marriages; genital mutilation; forced abortion or sterilization; trafficking in human beings or coercive prostitution.


For her part, the director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez, stressed that this Plan seeks to continue working and grow in the work that our Institution does to eradicate this violence. “With this initiative, we want to further align our efforts with the political, social and institutional agenda of the majority of countries and international organizations that are leading this challenge. And we reaffirm, thus, our commitment to place this cause as a priority vector of action within this Body ”, he said.

The Civil Guard, Gámez explained, was a pioneer 25 years ago – there were still nine years to pass before the Law of Comprehensive Protection Measures against Gender Violence – in the creation of the Minor Women Teams (Emumes), where many women The victims already felt a nearby Civil Guard that they could trust. This acronym -but especially the personnel behind it- is today a benchmark mark on professionalism and specialization in the care of victims.

This plan is, in short, "a decisive step to combat violence against women in a more comprehensive, developed and articulated manner, becoming a decided core institutional Strategy", concluded María Gámez.


This Plan contemplates a package of measures that will be developed in different areas and among which we can highlight:

  • Strategic scope: highlight the fight against violence against women within the four-year Corps strategic plans and align the actions of this plan with that of Equality that exists in the Civil Guard.
  • Scope of human and material resources: increase in the number of specialists from the Judicial Police and Emume both at the peripheral and central levels; constitute in the territorial units Teams against Gender Violence at Company level; promote the conditioning of facilities for the care of victims.
  • Scope of training, awareness and dissemination: promote training and specialization in this field for Citizen Security and Judicial Police personnel, taking advantage of the tele-training platform; increase the hours dedicated to this material that are taught in educational centers; promote the improvement of work procedures by drawing up protocols and action guides; carry out awareness campaigns for the staff of the Corps and implement an internal protocol that regulates action in cases of violence against women that affect internal personnel.
  • Organizational scope: complete the creation of a Hotline for Sensitive Victims attended by specialists; to set up a National Monitoring Commission in the Civil Guard on violence against women; create a Central Office against violence against women and the figure of the Coordinator to serve as a single point of contact for relations with specialized external bodies; as well as to promote the adhesion of new city councils to the Agreement of Collaboration and Coordination between the Forces and Bodies of Security of the State with the Bodies of Local Police.

For more information, you can contact the Office of Informative and Social Relations of the Civil Guard at 915 146 010.


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