The Minister of the Interior presides over the farewell ceremony of the Flag of the future officers of the Civil Guard

The 67th Promotion is made up of 126 men and 13 women, who finish their training today

In this act, six Great Crosses, a Silver Cross and Crosses with the White distinctive of the Order of Merit of the Civil Guard have also been imposed.

The Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-Marlaska, has presided at the Academy of Officers of the Civil Guard of Aranjuez (Madrid) the farewell of the Flag of the future officers of the Civil Guard, after completing their training.

The event was attended by the general director of the Civil Guard, María Gámez Gámez; the Government delegate in the Community of Madrid, María de las Mercedes González Fernández; the mayor of Aranjuez, María José Martínez de la Fuente; the lieutenant general director of operations Pablo Salas Moreno; and the acting chief division general of the Personnel Command José Ignacio Criado García-Legaz, among other civil and military authorities.

During the ceremony, the distinction was given to the number one of the LXVII Promotion, made up of 126 men and 13 women. 62 of these future officers come from direct access, while the remaining 77 have achieved employment through internal promotion.

There have also been 6 Great Crosses, 1 Silver Cross and 14 Crosses with the White distinctive of the Order of Merit of the Civil Guard. This outgoing class has also had 6 scholarship students from different countries: two Chilean officials, one Tunisian, one Algerian, one Peruvian and one Senegalese, who have been awarded with distinctions.


The Interior Minister has highlighted the challenge of this academic year, conditioned by the pandemic. “It has been a challenge that the Academy and the University Center have faced with enormous solvency, adapting to the conditions imposed by covid-19 and the inevitable restrictions that have made this course a unique academic period, but as productive and effective as the previous ”, has indicated.

Fernando Grande-Marlaska congratulated the principals and teachers for the special effort during this year and also the students. "You have acted responsibly and with the best disposition, always with the utmost interest and enthusiasm to successfully complete your training," he stated.

The minister praised the Civil Guard training model that "has known how to evolve and adapt to the needs and demands of a complex and constantly changing society, which demands agility and speed, without losing rigor or educational excellence."


In this last year, future officers receive teachings from the Security Forces and Bodies module, as well as subjects from the Master's Degree in Operational Security Management, the degree of which is issued by the Carlos III University of Madrid.

In order to participate in the selection processes that allow taking the officer training courses by direct entry, it is necessary to pass the entrance exam to the official university degree courses.

Possessing Spanish nationality, not being deprived of civil rights, lacking a criminal record, as well as being between 18 and 21 years old in the year of the call, are the requirements.

On the other hand, internal promotion students have to pass an entrance exam that includes professional knowledge, English, a psychotechnical test and a physical attitude test. It also includes a contest phase that assesses the professional merits obtained. To access this scale by internal promotion, you must be less than 51 years old, have been on the NCO scale for at least two years, and have the conditions for access to undergraduate university studies, among other requirements.

After passing the study plan, the student joins the Civil Guard Officer scale and gets the job of lieutenant. They also obtain the University Degree in Safety Engineering and, if they have passed the Degree at the end of the fourth year, the Master in Operational Security Management at the end of the fifth year. These two degrees are awarded by the Carlos III University of Madrid through the Civil Guard University Center.


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