The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food approved in 2019 investments for 10 million euros to recover the mountains after the damage caused by forest fires and the DANA

The MAP actions, initiated last year, to repair the roads and areas affected by the effects of DANA in September have had a budget of about 5.7 million euros.

The Government of Spain has approved last year, for the three provinces of the Valencian Community, the execution of emergency actions in mountains of public utility in the areas damaged by the floods caused by the DANA, with an investment of 3, 7 million euros.

Another million euros has been authorized for the realization of works in rural infrastructure of general use such as forest tracks of the mountains declared of public utility, in the Region of Murcia.

To help repair the damage caused to natural mountain roads by torrential rains in the Serra de Tramuntana (Mallorca), the Ministry has allocated a financial statement of 985,000 euros.

The objective of these tasks is to recover access to the mountain for the execution of prevention, surveillance and firefighting work; for forest management tasks such as surveillance and action on masses affected by forest pests and other habitat conservation actions.

Between March and August of last year, there were 9 of the 14 major serious forest fires that occurred in Spain, including the Canary Islands, which, with 9,851 hectares affected after the fires in Valleseco and Artenara, had a government contribution of one million of euros. The authorized works try to reduce the contribution of ashes and trawls to restore the vegetation that existed before the fire, guarantee the supply of drinking water and prevent the proliferation of pests and erosive processes as a result of the weakening and loss of forest cover

In total, the MAP allocates just over 4 million euros for forest hydrological restoration work to repair the damage caused by large forest fires in several regions.

Forest fires in 2019 (data as of November 30, 2019) have burned 80,967 hectares, 14.6% less than the average of the last decade (94,857 ha), in a total of 10,717 accidents, 9.43% less compared to the average of the last decade (11,833).

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