The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food has granted, through a Resolution, grants for rural women's entities nationwide, for the years 2019 and 2020, aimed at carrying out activities of special interest to boost the role of women in rural development.

These grants, convened last April, amount to 373,909 euros for 2019 and 384,999 for 2020, and its objective is to promote the organization of conferences that promote entrepreneurship, the incorporation and maintenance of women in the economic activity of the environment rural women, and the access of women to the governance bodies of entities related to agricultural activity and rural development.

They also aim to disseminate the shared ownership of farms, and the opportunities offered by the Common Agricultural Policy instruments for the incorporation of young women into agricultural activity and access to other measures of rural development programs.


They have obtained grants for the development of their projects: The Rural Women and Families Federation (AMFAR) for the project "Women in Rural Development Program"; the Association of Rural Women and Families (AFAMMER) for the initiative "Rural women promoting their future", the CERES Confederation for the joint project for 2019 and 2020 and the Federation of Rural Women's Associations (FADEMUR) for their proposal " Building a sustainable future for the rural environment ".

Aid has also been granted to the Federation of Rural Women (FEMUR) for the "Diversity of entrepreneurship for rural women: DIVERMUR, the Union of women farmers and livestock for the" Days of visibility and empowerment of rural women "and the Association of Women of Agro-alimentary Cooperatives (AMCAE) for the project "Women in Agrifood Cooperatives: territorial sustainability and progress in rural areas".

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