The Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food maintains, for the third consecutive day, aerial and human resources in the fight against the fire declared in the town of Gavilanes in Ávila and also collaborates with the Autonomous Community of Castilla y León to put down the fire of El Arenal , where, for the second consecutive day, he has sent air resources and a brigade of specialists in extinction.

The Autonomous Community of Madrid is also supported by aerial means of great capacity for the extinction of the forest fire of Cenicientos.

At the fire of Gavilanes an amphibious airplane of 5,500 liters of discharge of the base of Matacán in Salamanca, a helicopter Kamov with helibalde of 4,500 liters coming from Las Minas (Guadalajara) and an aircraft of communications and observation of the base of Matacán have been displaced in Salamanca, which sends aerial images in real time about the fire situation.

To reinforce the tasks of extinction of the aerial means, three brigades of reinforcement against forest fires work accompanied by five helicopters of transport and discharge of the bases of the Iglesuela (Toledo), Puerto el Pico (Ávila) and Laza (Orense). .

To collaborate in the extinction of the fire declared in El Arenal (Ávila), a large capacity Kamov helicopter has been sent from the base of Plasencia de Cáceres and 2 reinforcement brigades against forest fires from the bases of Pinofranqueado in Cáceres and Puerto el Pico in Ávila with its three 1,100-liter transport and unloading helicopters.

Extinction means are also maintained in the fire at Cenicientos (Madrid), where two Canadair planes from the Torrejón base in Madrid work and a Kamov helicopter from the Mutxamel base in Alicante.

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