The Ministry of Culture and Sports and the Royal Academy of History organize on June 21, at the headquarters of the Royal Academy of History, the cycle of conferences 'Hernán Cortés', coinciding with the fifth centenary of the arrival of the Extremaduran explorer to Mexico.

The program, coordinated by Carmen Iglesias, director of the Royal Academy of History, consists of four conferences that will analyze from different perspectives the figure of Cortés and the feat that led him to arrive in Mexico in 1519. Churches, with the presence of the Minister of Culture and Sport in office, José Guirao, and undersecretary of the Ministry, Javier García Fernández, will present this Friday the cycle and the inaugural conference 'The image of Hernán Cortés, through the centuries', given by Enrique Krauze, National College of Mexico and the Mexican Academy of History.

On Tuesday, June 25, the second conference will be held, entitled 'Hernán Cortés, pioneer of globalization', by Manuel Lucena Giraldo, academic of the Royal Academy of History.

The most scientific facet of the figure of Cortés will be tackled on Wednesday, June 26, by the academic Francisco Javier Puerto and his lecture 'Hernán Cortés and the transmission of Science to the New World'.

It will be the professor of the Complutense University, Miguel Luque Talaván, who closes the cycle with his lecture 'Hernán Cortés before his crossroads', on Friday, June 28.

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