The Ministry of Culture and Sports celebrates World Poetry Day

The Ministry calls on all citizens to post their favorite poems on their networks and to share them through Instagram in #Yomequedoencasa, #LaCulturaEnTuCasa and # DíadelaPoesía.

There will also be a Twitter thread, in which each citizen will be able to write a verse about the previous one and thus a collective poetry will be achieved.

Videos of Spanish poets with their favorite poems

Another of the actions undertaken by the Ministry of Culture, through the General Directorate of Books and Promotion of Reading, to celebrate World Poetry Day is to make video recordings of Spanish poets available to all virtual visitors by reading his poems in all the languages ​​of the State.

In Spanish they will read: Julio Martínez Mesanza, Edgardo Dobry Lewin, Pablo López Carballo, Antonio Méndez Rubio, Esther Zarraluqui, Rosa Berbel, David Hernandez Sevillano, María Elena Higueruelo and Rodrigo Olay, Ángela Segovia, Carmen Camacho, Sofía Fernández Castañón, Vicente Luis Mora ; in Catalan: Antònia Vicens, María Sevilla; in Galician: Pilar Pallarés, Chus Pato, Ismael Ramos, and in Basque: Juan Ramón Makuso, Leire Bilbao.

On the other hand, a selection of readings on poetry has been made among the existing books on the online book loan portal, eBiblio.

The poetry fund will also be disseminated in the two Virtual Libraries run by the Subdirectorate for Library Coordination. That of Historical Press, with a sample of specialized magazines: Poetry, illustrated magazine of poetic information and Litoral, magazine of poetry and thought. For his part, Bibliographic heritage will spread the book of poems: Poems by Don Luis de Góngora y Argote (1789) – Góngora y Argote, Luis de, 1561-1627.

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