• The new organism is foreseen in the Law of Science, Technology and Innovation
  • The Agency will become a key tool to manage the State investment in research

The Minister of Economy and Competitiveness, Luis de Guindos, has announced the creation of the State Research Agency, provided for in the Law on Science, Technology and Innovation, ratified last summer by the majority of political parties. Thus, a key tool for the Spanish scientific system is launched, similar to that of other European countries.

The Agency was created with the aim of creating more efficient financing and management instruments and mechanisms that improve the impact of the Central Administration's investment in research. The new body will promote the competitive allocation of resources according to first-level scientific-technical criteria, which will mean a quantitative and qualitative improvement in the results of the activities financed.

The creation of the new body responds to the Government's commitment to promote and encourage investment in R & D & I, in addition to promoting the expansion of knowledge and the quality of science, as well as the relevance of research financed with public resources to improve their social profitability.

The Agency, which will be attached to the Secretary of State for Research, Development and Innovation -whose head will preside over it-, will be established in 2012 in accordance with the budget and accountability regime of the Ministry of Economy and Competitiveness, but will have autonomy for the financing, evaluation and verification of the scientific and technical research activity aimed at the transfer, generation and exploitation of knowledge.

The structure of the new Agency will facilitate its adaptation to the creation of new instruments and actions in R & D & I, in addition to responding to already established international models with proven results. It will also facilitate the integration of state management models with those in force internationally, reducing the costs of the growing and necessary collaboration and integration in the European Research Area.

The launch of the State Research Agency responds to a historical demand from the scientific community, which requested the creation of the body to give structural stability to the Spanish R & D & I system, strengthening investment in science.

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