The Ministry of Equality presents its campaign for Pride 2020 and is committed to the rights of all LGTBI people

Minister Irene Montero has addressed the entire society, but especially the LGTBI collective, to let them know that "the Government is aware of what is involved in the violation and the lack of rights" and "it will not leave anyone behind."

In this sense, he has especially referred to those people who are experiencing the most terrible situations, with a greater violation of their rights, such as trans men and women. "Your lives matter and institutionally we are not going to go back," he said. This Government, has continued, "is committed so that your lives are like all others, lives worth living and especially free and happy."

For her part, the Director General of Sexual Diversity and LGTBI Rights, Boti G. Rodrigo, has presented the campaign "Now, more than ever pride", with the aim of making this Pride an opportunity to advance in "rights that still they are not full, but they must be, they must be, and they will be. " Rights, he affirmed, for which "this General Directorate, this Ministry and this Government, are going to commit themselves with all the energy and decision."

The Director General has explained that the campaign slogan is intended to reinforce the visibility of the LGTBI community at a time when the health, social and economic crisis caused by COVID-19 has hit society as a whole and especially to the most vulnerable groups that previously suffered discrimination.

The poster, for its part, plays plastically with color and diversity as a reflection of the color and diversity of society and wants to pay tribute to Marsha P. Johnson, a black, trans and poor woman, who participated in the Stonewall revolt that gave Origin of Pride. A poster that wants to end the stereotypical image that is sometimes given of the LGTBI collective, focusing it on a masculine and standardized image, and that reflects the imagination, freedom and resilience that have always characterized LGTBI activism. The letters of the poster have also been chosen with a symbolism that also speaks of pride and diversity. This is the Gilbert typeface, created in honor of Gilbert Baker, the activist who designed the rainbow flag.

The campaign is accompanied by five images taken from the main poster in which five Pride motifs are collected: Pride of my friends, Pride of my family, Pride of my body, Pride of my activism and Pride of myself. Five fundamental areas for a person to reach a reasonable level of happiness and that have often been denied to LGTBI people.

Commemoration and working days

2020 LGBTI Pride PosterThe main act of this Pride will be the commemoration of the 15 years of Equal Marriage. To do this, on June 30 an institutional act will be held to commemorate the 15 years of Equal Marriage with the presence of President José Luís Rodríguez Zapatero and other protagonists of that historic moment. The event will be co-organized, as I remember the figure of Pedro Zerolo, with the Foundation that bears his name and that is dedicated to preserving his memory. The act, due to the circumstances in which we find ourselves, will be broadcast online and will not admit the public.

Two working days have also been prepared in the labor and educational fields. On the one hand, a dialogue table with the CCOO and UGT unions to work equality in the workplace and establish work channels and measures to work equality and make diversity visible. And on the other, the presentation of the guide "We are Diversity", developed by the Ministry of Equality in collaboration with INJUVE and UCM, to work in the educational field of sexual, gender and family diversity, and at the same time contribute to reducing the high levels of bullying due to LGTBIphobia that our educational centers suffer.

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