Health deploys a specific device for the arrival of Spanish returnees from Wuhan

The text, published today by State official newsletter, modifies the order of March 15 that established these criteria, thus adapting to the evolution of the health crisis.

The order specifies that the communities must inform the Ministry of Health of the units of PCR diagnostic kits that they have and the number of these tests that they have carried out each week. This same information should be sent regarding individual protection materials, such as masks.

On the other hand, among all the accumulated data that the autonomous communities provide, from now on, they must differentiate symptomatic cases and those that did not present symptoms at the time of performing the test. Similarly, a distinction should be made between the results obtained by PCR and those obtained by rapid antibody tests.

The characteristics of the data that have been collected so far are also detailed, such as, among others, people hospitalized, those who have been admitted to the ICU, or people who died with the infection, regardless of where they died. It also specifies the need for the autonomous communities to include the reported cases among health personnel.

On the other hand, the information related to the hiring of human resources is expanded, adapting it to the orders that have been approved in recent weeks aimed at facilitating the expansion of professional staff.

Finally, the collection of information regarding the situation of care capacity is maintained.

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