The Ministry of Health maintains constant contact with the Balearic authorities after a case of coronavirus has been detected in Mallorca

Simón has indicated that this case "does not imply any more risk in our country" as it has been infected outside Spain. "As has happened in the case of the German tourist who is hospitalized in La Gomera, he has been infected outside and detected here," he stressed.

The case detected in Mallorca, according to Simón, "is in good health but you have to keep it in isolation." This is a British citizen, who was in contact with a person in France and then traveled to the Balearic Islands where the virus was detected. The four family members were hospitalized last Friday in Palma de Mallorca. The samples of the National Center of Microbiology have confirmed the positive of this patient and have ruled out coronavirus in the other 3 family members.

Tomorrow a new meeting of the Coronavirus Evaluation and Monitoring Committee will be held in Spain at the headquarters of the Ministry of Health. In addition, official channels such as the website and social networks will be kept up to date.

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