Healthcare has started the distribution to the autonomous communities of more than a million masks

It is a modification motivated by the impossibility of physical appearance of the applicants in the Ministry of Health.

This is reflected in the order published today in the Official State Gazette (BOE), which also expands by 143 the places offered to carry out specialized health training.

In a few weeks, the General Directorate of Professional Regulation will publish a resolution where all persons who have reached the minimum score will be summoned by degrees, to present their application for the award of a place. In said resolution, the term and the details on the taking possession of the successful bidders will be established.

The incorporation of these professionals into their jobs will represent a reinforcement of the current staff of health centers.

As every year, people will be called in a rigorous order from highest to lowest score recognized in the final list of results. Access to the place application process will be made through the electronic headquarters of the Ministry of Health by means of an electronic certificate or by using its own authentication and non-cryptographic signature solution based on concerted keys enabled for those people who for different circumstances detailed in the order do not have an electronic certificate.

143 seats expansion

On the other hand, the order published today approves the expansion of 143 places that are added to those already offered in the corresponding order of last August 30.

The new places are divided into 103 places for the university degree in Medicine; 5 for Pharmacy; 32 for Nursing; 1 for Biology and 2 places for Psychology.

The total supply of places amounts to 9,680: 7,615 in Medicine, 276 in Pharmacy, 1,495 in Nursing and 52 in Biology; along with the specialties of Chemistry and Physics that remain in 15 and 38 places, respectively, and Psychology, whose total number of places continues to be the 189 initially planned. In the latter case, 2 new positions are added, but the same number of the initial offer is also withdrawn as a result of the discredit of a teaching unit motivated by organizational issues.

This exceptional circumstance of discrediting teaching units may condition, in all calls, changes in the offer of places until the call for award acts.

We attach a link to the order published today in the BOE:

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