This Plan is designed to protect the commerce sector and its customers throughout the year, and is reinforced on certain dates, such as the Christmas season, to prevent the commission of crimes such as thefts, robberies with violence or intimidation, robberies with force or frauds

During the Christmas campaign, police work is intensified with specific operational devices in those places where there are crowds of people, especially in commercial and leisure areas, streets with greater traffic in large and medium cities, Christmas markets and entertainment areas .

Deployment with uniform and civilian agents

The presence of specialized citizen security units of the National Police -Radiopatrullas, Cavalry, Canine Guides, Mobile Brigade or Subsoil- will reinforce the police deployment during this time of the year. The increase of agents, with special relevance of the uniformed police presence, will have an impact on citizen security with the implementation of specific plans in each place coordinated by the respective provincial police stations.

The Plan also provides for the involvement of the Delegations of Citizen Participation, whose main tasks are to maintain permanent contacts with the establishments and associations representing the commercial sector and their potential clients to make them participate in their own security. With this measure, merchants receive a face-to-face service and more effective attention.

In addition, they can also be informed through social networks, mainly in @interiorgob and @policeman, from where special safety guidelines will be offered to enjoy a safe Christmas.

Triptych with tips

At the same time that the presence of agents in the most commercial streets increases, during these days triptychs prepared by the National Police will be distributed with security councils for associations and merchants.

These publications are intended to help the merchant to increase the security of his establishment, increase the quality of the service he provides to his clients and provide a protocol for action against criminal acts.

The leaflets collect a decalogue for merchants, whose advice include installing a secure closure system, maintaining a light on the facade throughout the night, installing an exterior bell for remote opening of the premises or avoiding making the last cash count time or do it alone. The Police also recommends that, in case of robbery, the merchant never confronts the offender, especially if he is armed.

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