The Ministry of Justice negotiates with the European Public Prosecutor's Office the number of delegated prosecutors that Spain will provide

The Minister of Justice, Juan Carlos Campo, in a meeting held by videoconference with the European Attorney General, Laura Kövesi, has transferred and the firm commitment of the Spanish Government to strengthen the European institutions and contribute to the process of building the European Public Prosecutor's Office. (EPPO).

In this first meeting, the Ministry of Justice has started negotiations with Kövesi to determine the number of delegated prosecutors that Spain will appoint to form part of the body of European prosecutors that the Council of the European Union intends to launch in November 2020. .

The minister has conveyed to him the enthusiasm with which the Government of Spain welcomes the imminent activity of an institution on which he has shown himself convinced that "it will make us stronger in the fight against fraud and corruption that affect the finances of the EU". Juan Carlos Campo recalled that ten years ago, as Secretary of State, he already had the opportunity to participate in the debate to create this figure, who, he understands, "must broaden its powers to become a true European Prosecutor for all criminality" .

In national terms, it has explained the Executive's intentions to approve before the end of the year the preliminary draft for the reform of the Criminal Procedure Law (LECRIM) so that, in line with what happens in other European countries, the judicial investigation remains commanded by prosecutors. And he has also pointed out that the Ministry is already working on the transposition of the European Directive 2019/1937 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 23 October 2019, on the protection of persons who report infringements of Union law.

Since his appointment at the end of last year, Kövesi has been maintaining contacts with the national judicial authorities in order to shape the administrative and operational structure of the new European Public Prosecutor's Office, which aims to start with a staff of at least 140 delegated prosecutors.

The visible head of the European Public Prosecutor's Office has thanked the will expressed by Spain, stressing that "it is a very important Member State and can add a lot of value to the Public Prosecutor's Office." The idea that he is considering and has asked the minister to collaborate with is that the Spanish delegate prosecutors may be appointed before September to start training them and that they can begin their work at the end of this year, if the Commission so decides.

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