The Ministry of Science and Innovation launches a new line of subsidies with 12 million euros for R&D projects against COVID-19

The Ministry of Science and Innovation has launched a new call for subsidies focused on R&D and production improvement projects whose objective is to increase the availability of products considered emergency, improve the treatment of the disease in the current pandemic, improve diagnosis and clinical management of patients infected with SARS-CoV-2 and contribute to the design, development and implementation of public health measures to effectively respond to the ongoing epidemic of SARS-CoV-2.

Specifically, this call will support projects of the following types:

Individual R&D projects related to research on vaccines, medicines and treatments, medical devices and hospital and medical equipment, disinfectants and protective clothing and equipment, as well as relevant process innovations with a view to efficient production of the necessary products . These projects may be carried out by companies or technology centers and must have been completed by October 31, 2021.

Individual investment projects for the manufacture of products related to COVID-19 that should involve an improvement in the usual production systems or an increase in production capacity. These projects may be carried out by companies and will have to finish no later than October 31, 2020.

The maximum eligible budget per project for the two types will be 625,000 euros, with a maximum grant of 500,000 euros per entity, that is, up to 80% of the eligible budget. The projects must be adapted to the health emergency situation and allow a short-term implementation and start-up with concrete, early and timely results to the current situation.

The total budget of this call is 12 million euros and may be co-financed through the 2014-2020 Multi-regional Operational Program of Spain of FEDER. The projects presented will be evaluated periodically until the available funds are exhausted.

This extraordinary call is made under Royal Decree-Law 8/2020, of March 17, for extraordinary urgent measures to face the economic and social impact of COVID-19, modified by Royal Decree-Law 11/2020, of 31 March, by which urgent complementary measures are adopted in the social and economic field to face COVID-19.

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