The Ministry of the Interior establishes restrictions on internal borders at ports and airports

These restrictions are in addition to those already adopted at land borders with France and Portugal and restrictions on the entry of travelers through external borders (originating from countries outside the Schengen area) at ports and airports.

By virtue of the order that has been published in the Official State Gazette, from 00:00 on May 15, they will only be able to access national territory through internal borders at ports and airports:

  1. Spanish citizens.
  2. Residents in Spain, having to prove their habitual residence.
  3. Cross-border workers.
  4. Healthcare or elderly care professionals who go to carry out their work activity.
  5. Those that document documentary causes of force majeure or a situation of need.

Foreign personnel accredited as a member of diplomatic missions and people who move to Spain for "exclusively work-related reasons, provided that they are documentary accredited," may also access through these borders.

Likewise, in order to ensure the continuity of economic activity and to preserve the supply chain, these measures will not be applicable "to the transport of goods, including the crew of ships, in order to ensure the provision of transport services. maritime and fishing activities, and the aeronautical personnel necessary to carry out commercial air transport activities. "

This measure will take effect at 00:00 on May 15 and will be in force until 24:00 on May 23, without prejudice to possible extensions.

Health protection

The priority objective of this measure is to strengthen the containment of the expansion of COVID-19. The order indicates that the progressive lifting of the confinement measures in force "could lead to people residing abroad deciding to travel to our country."

"Taking into account that, during the de-escalation process, the restriction of interprovincial movements is applied to residents in Spain, it is considered convenient to also limit access to such demarcations from other Member States by air and sea," states the resolution, before adding that "the mere fact of owning a home does not prove residence in Spain".

This measure is adopted under article 25 of the Schengen Borders Code.

The reestablishment of controls at Spain's internal borders with France and Portugal came into force on March 17, while the restriction of passenger access across Spain's external borders at ports and airports began on 23 March. March.

On March 23, the temporary closure of the land posts enabled for the entry and exit of Spain through the cities of Ceuta and Melilla was also established.

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