In this way, the control system is unified by the State Security Forces and bodies and the identification documents that the minors must carry in the trips abroad are clarified.

The order clearly establishes the actions to be taken by the members of the Security Forces when it comes to processing the departure of a minor from the national territory.

This new instruction, issued by the Secretary of State for Security, unifies the control system that the State Security Forces and Bodies must carry out in the entrances and exits of minors. It details in this sense the actions and verifications that the agents must carry out in these situations.

The order, which has been drafted with priority to protect the best interests of the child, also clarifies the identification documents that children must carry on trips abroad, whether they travel alone or with their parents or guardians.

In the case of unaccompanied minors or traveling with third parties, in addition to the DNI or passport, the instruction details the elements that must be included in the Signed travel permit statement, a form that can be obtained in the Police, the Civil Guard, courts, notaries, town halls or consulates.

The purpose of this new instruction is to raise the security standards applicable to minors traveling outside of Spain and avoid being victims of crimes such as human trafficking or parental kidnappings.

The instruction also increases the protection of personal data of minors and establishes guarantees so that the documentation generated is preserved at the disposal of the different competent authorities in the matter.

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