The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda announces new grants to finance conservation works of the Spanish Historical Heritage

The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda will contribute to this call 61 million euros, distributed between 2020 (20.5 million) and 2021 (40.5 million).

The purpose of these grants is to intervene, through co-financing with its owner, in the recovery or enrichment of properties declared of Cultural Interest, of public ownership and use, or private non-profit ownership, but assigned to public use. They may also opt in any case the real estate members of the UNESCO World Heritage.

This new call will foreseeably mobilize a total investment of more than 91.5 million euros and the expected employment generation is estimated at 4,500 jobs, in addition to those that may occur due to tourism, cultural or social activity that in all cases generates the recovery of historical heritage.

Enrichment of Historical Heritage

Article 68.1 of the Law 16/1985 of June 25, on Spanish Historical Heritage, and the Royal Decree 111/1986, of January 10, establish that, from the budget of each public work financed totally or partially by the State, a consignment of at least 1% of the funds that are provided by the State will be allocated to the financing of conservation works or enrichment of the Historical Heritage Spanish, or promotion of artistic creativity.

Since October 2013, this percentage has increased, in terms of funds from the former Ministry of Development, to 1.5% of these contributions.

For the joint action of the current Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and the Ministry of Culture and Sports in this matter, the VII Collaboration Agreement was signed on June 7, 2017, which establishes the generic terms of the management of funds generated for this purpose by the Ministry of Transportation, Mobility and Urban Agenda.

The criteria for the selection and prioritization of projects that request financing with these funds are those established in the Order FOM / 1932/2014, which approves the regulatory bases for granting aid for conservation or enrichment actions of the Spanish Historical Heritage, charged to resources from public works financed by the current Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda and by the Public sector entities dependent or linked.

Spain is the third country in the world in places declared World Heritage by Unesco. Aware of this cultural, tourist and social resource, regenerator of urban and rural environments, the Government of Spain is committed more than ever to the rehabilitation and enrichment of the historical, cultural and artistic heritage of the peoples of Spain and the assets that comprise it.

1.5% Cultural Program

The Ministry of Transport, Mobility and Urban Agenda finances a large number of intervention actions in the Spanish Historical Heritage through the contribution of 1.5% of the contracting of public works managed by the Ministry itself.

Since the first collaboration agreement with the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports in 1994, the Ministry of Development has so far financed a total of 1,271 actions, contributing around 770 million Euros, which has meant mobilizing something more than 1,000 million euros thanks to the co-financing of property owners. Since then, it has intervened in more than 600 municipalities throughout the national geography, also being configured as an exemplary model of inter-administrative collaboration.

In the previous call published in 2018, the Mixed Commission of 1.5% Cultural, made up of the then Ministries of Development and Education, Culture and Sports, provisionally approved the financing of 99 new actions, in which the Mitma will contribute between 2019 and 2020, 51,000,000 euros additional to those already committed, for recovery projects and enhancement of the Spanish historical heritage.

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